Sanyasi Growthex Syrup | संन्यासी ग्रोथेक्स सिरप भूख बढ़ायें, वजन बढ़ायें, ग्रोथ बढ़ायें

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Sanyasi Growthex Syrup भूख बढ़ायें, वजन बढ़ायें, ग्रोथ बढ़ायें, Nowadays parents walk behind the child, but the child does not eat food, or even if he eats, he does not grow as much as he should, the children remain lean, thin, weak, low height, Parents say that what should we do,

we go after them, but the child does not face to eat, he does not want to eat food, runs towards jumping to play. After much persuasion, he eats a little food, and Mama just doesn’t eat anymore, when he doesn’t eat than what will he feel? because of this, the children remain lean, thin, weak, and of low height.

Sanyasi Growthex Syrup

Keeping this in mind, our organization Sanyasi Ayurveda has manufactured Sanyasi Growthex Syrup from 100% pure Ayurvedic herbs. Which works to strengthen the child’s digestive system, his liver system, so that whatever the child eats, his whole squeeze should be applied to his body and his interest in food increases.

His heart should eat his food, the child himself says Say that mama give me food, give me food, increase her appetite, improve her digestion, whatever she eats, the whole squeeze should be applied to her body, she should get all the necessary elements present in the food and her body gets strength and her Growth is fast

Who Take This: Sanyasi Growthex Syrup

This tonic is made from 100% pure Ayurvedic herbs, so it does not cause any side effects, harm or side effects on the body. You will see the difference in the first 15 days of consumption.

Children from 3 years to 15 years, both girls can consume it.

Not recommended For: कौन-कौन इस दवा का सेवन नही कर सकते 

If someone has TB, Blood-pressure, Heart problem, Kidney problem, Sugar, Cancer, Asthma, Liver psoriasis, Hepatitis, Ulcer, Paralysis, Epilepsy-seizure, An operation in 1-1.5 years, or any serious illness.

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