Sanyasi Pathri Tablet – Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Stone (120Tab.)

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Sanyasi Pathri Tablet – Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Stone (120Tab.) Why the body develops stones In some cases, due to insufficient water intake or a high mineral diet, impurities remain in the kidney and raise the levels of calcium oxalate, phosphate, uric acid, and other minerals in our bodies.

These chemical compounds are collectively referred to as stones. The kidneys filter our blood and remove all impurities from our bodies through urine. These stones cause excruciating agony when they become lodged in the kidney or bladder. High fever, severe lower abdominal or waist discomfort, vomiting, and occasionally even the inability to pass urine or blood in the urine can result from this pain.

Sanyasi Pathri Tablet
Sanyasi Pathri Tablet

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Patients with conditions like tuberculosis, cancer, liver cirrhosis, hepatitis, and any issue with the heart or kidneys should not use this medication. Additionally, pregnant women and nursing mothers are advised against taking this medication out of an abundance of caution if they have recently had any type of surgery, whether minor or major, within the past one to five years or if they have a serious illness that necessitates frequent doctor visits.

People between the ages group of 18 to 50 can consume these tablets.

About this item: Sanyasi Pathri Tablet – Ayurvedic Medicine For Kidney Stone (120Tab.)

  • No Operation needed
  • Pure natural herbs proper effect in kidney stone
  • sanyasi pathri tablets give relief to your pain
  • Sanyasi Pathri Tablet helps you to dilute extra calcium oxalate


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Sanyasi Pathri Tablet

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