Sorry Karma Returns Release Date New Movie Bollywood

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Sorry Karma Returns Release Date New Movie Bollywood. We all know the saying “what goes around, comes around.” And in the case of Sorry Karma Returns, it couldn’t be more true! This movie is all about how one woman’s quest for revenge leads to some very unexpected consequences.

Sorry Karma Returns Release Date New Movie Bollywood

The story of Sorry Karma Returns Movie follows Emily (played by Jenna Dewan), a young woman who is out for revenge after her boyfriend cheats on her. She sets out to make his life a living hell, but she soon realizes that karma is a very powerful thing.

What starts out as a simple act of revenge quickly spirals out of control, and Emily finds herself in some very dangerous situations. This movie is a great reminder that karma is real, and it always comes back around. So be careful what you wish for because you just might get it!

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Sorry Karma Returns Movie Release Dates 2022

Movie Name  Sorry Karma Returns
Movie CastRagini Dwivedi, MD Afzal, Swarnachandra, Brahmanand Reddy, Pooja Patil K, Ranveer M, Arjun Sharma B, VJ Manoj, Yukta Pervis, Harshita Kallingal
Director : Brahmanand Reddy
Language :Kannada,Hindi,Malayalam,Telugu,Tamil
Biography‎‎Crime, Mystery, Thriller
Releasing Date‎Jun 2022

About the movie: Sorry Karma Returns

On their way to their resort, a group of young people led by PK, the son of a political heavyweight, encounter Karma in many forms due to all the crimes they have committed in the past. Will Karma triumph against oppression? Will Karma be able to free justice from the grips of power?


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