Spy Family Vol 7 | Spy X Family Vol 7

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Master snoop When it comes to going incognito on dangerous missions for the greater good, Twilight is unrivaled. But when he gets the ultimate assignment—marrying and starting a family—he could finally be in over his head!

Spy x Family, Vol. 7
Spy x Family, Vol. 7
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Twilight cuts in to meet his target face-to-face for the first time, just as Donovan Desmond is ready to spend a rare family moment with his son Damian. Can Twilight find a way to win over Donovan, a mystery to him?

Family Manga Release Date

Book Name:     spy x family manga online
Publisher:VIZ Media LLC 
Publishing Date(April 5, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :978-1974728480

About the Author: Spy X Family

Tatsuya Endo was born on July 23, 1980, in Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan. In the Spring 2000 issue of Akamaru Jump, he debuted as a manga artist with the one-shot “Seibu Yugi” (Western Game). TISTA and Gekka Bijin are his works (Moon Flower Beauty). Spy x Family is his debut English-language publication.

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I love very much this series and can’t get enough. I even preordered the 8th book just like I did the 7th book earlier. That’s how much I love them, and I think the money is worth it!

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