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Intro-Tech Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs

Tech Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs: This book is about not technical background people who are not easy to understand coding. This book is about the easy method to understand easy technic. This book was published By Deepak Kumar Singh in; 1st edition (11 January 2022).

Summary Tech Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs 2022

Understanding technology is difficult and time-consuming for those who do not have a coding background.?For individuals without a technical background, technology is one of the most complicated things. At the same time, understanding technology is critical.

Anyone working with software developers will find it hard to connect and communicate if they don’t understand tech. There are other benefits to understanding tech too. You can build empathy for the development team working day and night with you.

This creates mutual trust and respect, which makes it easy to work and get work done. Having tech understanding also helps in building your confidence as a PM. Read This:- Tech Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs Download 2022

So it is no wonder that all the product leaders and CEOs of tech companies understand tech very well, even if they didn’t have a degree in Computer Science or a background in coding. Excelling on the job requires them to do it.

There are so many good reasons for learning tech, but not every PM does that. The reason is that it’s hard to learn tech on your own. There aren’t many resources designed for PMs to understand tech. In the absence of proper guidance and resources, it takes years of study to build an understanding.

Table of Contents :?Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs

Before We Start

  • The problem with tech Literature.
  • To learn or not to learn to code.
  • What you will gain from the Book.
  • How to Read This Book.


  • Why Data is the New Oil
  • The language of Computers
  • From Transistors to Computer
  • Performance of a Computer
  • Moore’Law.


Software is Eating the World
Programs and Software
Operating System
The Popularity of Microsoft Windows
Open Source Software


  • The Competitive Advantage f the Internet
  • How the Internet Reaches Your Home
  • Wifi and Small Range Networks
  • Moving Data Through the Internet
  • Protocols to Make the Internet Secure and Reliable
  • Data Encryption and VPNs

Many More.

About Author: Tech Simplified for PMs &

  • Deepak Singh (Author)
  • ?Priya Singh?(Editor)

Tech Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs PDF Details :

Book Name:Tech Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs
Publisher:Deepak Kumar Singh
Release Date:(11 January 2022)
Language :English
ISBN-10-13 :978-9355664990 – 9355664990
Pages :304 pages

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Conclusion: Tech Simplified for PMs & Entrepreneurs Download 2022

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