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That Night Four Friends Twenty Years One Haunting Secret-Cross Your Heart Take My Name Summary: Greetings, friends! We will share the That Night Four Friends Twenty Years One Haunting Secret written by Nidhi Upadhyay. As a result, you can download it in English. Penguin Ebury Press released this book. Keep an eye on this post and have pleasure in it.

That Night Four Friends Twenty Years One Haunting Secret

That Night Book Pdf Summary

What happens when a harmless joke turns into a disaster Until that night, Natasha, Riya, Anjali, and Katherine were closest friends at college, each different from the other yet inseparable.

It was the night that started with a bottle of whisky and a game of Ouija but ended with Sania, their odious hostel roommate, dying. The buddies made a pledge to never talk about what happened that fateful night, a promise that had kept their friendship and guilt dormant for the past two decades.

Someone is now messing with them, threatening to divulge the secret that only Sania knew about. Is it a hacker preying on their guilt, or has Sania’s ghost returned to exact vengeance?

As the mysterious assailant draws in on them, the pals reassemble to recount what happened that night. When they retell the story, though, the pieces don’t fit together. Because neither of them is telling the complete story. That Night is a dark, twisting tale of friendship and treachery that entices and perplexes at every step.

About The Author:- That Night By Nidhi Upadhyay PDF

Nidhi Upadhyay is a former engineer who now works as a headhunter. Nidhi used to spend her days matching senior executives with their ideal jobs and her nights reading thrillers until her husband practically forced her to write one. She lives in Singapore with her adoring husband and two adoring but diametrically opposed sons. Her debut novel is titled That Night.

That Night Novel PDF Table

PublisherEbury Press
Publication dateApril 5, 2021
Print length263 pages

That Night Four Friends Twenty Years Audiobook

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