The 56 Book By Douglas MacKinnon

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The 56 Book- It is ironic that Douglas MacKinnon was first made aware of the pressing necessity to pay tribute to the 56 Signers of the Declaration of Independence on July 4.

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He came across example after example of those from the Left and the Far-Left — be they in the mainstream media, activists, or anarchists — calling for not only the “canceling” of the Fourth of July, but the continued smearing, censorship, and cancellation of our Founding Fathers while conducting research for a column intended to remind the American people of that date’s critical importance.

What happens if they are prosperous?

Reviewing how swiftly and viciously many on the Left were able to establish the “Woke Cancel Culture” to silence individuals they disagree with today should convince those who think such totalitarian censorship could never take hold in the United States of America.

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Now they are after those who bravely signed the Declaration of Independence, including Thomas Jefferson, Richard Henry Lee, Benjamin Franklin, and others.

Our history was written by those men and that text. History should never be changed to fit an ideology narrative by censorship, bans, or other means. Let’s give it praise if it’s good. If it’s awful, let’s denounce it and take a lesson from it. However, let us never change, censor, or renounce it.

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Yet an increasing number of Leftist supporters want to carry out that very action. The media, academics, entertainment, research, and medicine are all under their influence. Who will prevent them? The clock is ticking. We need to discover our voices. The Liberty blueprint was left by the 56.

About the Author: The 56 Book

Former White House and Pentagon officials and best-selling author Douglas MacKinnon are establishing a Foundation with other former government officials to preserve the past and uphold the honor of our founding fathers.

Conclusion: The 56 Book

THE 56 reveals the blueprint our Founding Fathers left for saving ourselves in addition to highlighting the links between 1776 and today that undermine liberty. Don’t let the Left erase the common past of America. The greatest nation on Earth was envisioned and founded by the brave Patriots known as THE 56.

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