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The Absite Review Fiser. Written in a high-yield, memory-prompting outline format, Dr Steven Fiser’s The ABSITE Review, 7th Edition, covers every topic on the American Board of Surgery In-Training Examination, now thoroughly updated for today’s residents

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The Absite Review Summary

This concise handbook offers a rapid review of essential surgery information with sufficient explanation to build knowledge and confidence as you prepare for this critically important exam.

  • Covers every topic on the ABSITE, from basic science to clinical knowledge
  • Facilitates quick study and memorization with a streamlined outline and list format.
  • Highlights must-know information in bold throughout the text 
  • Reflects the current ABSITE exam and can be used independently of other study materials 
  • It is also valid for certification or recertification with a proven format that allows you to spend.
  • More time studying important facts and less time searching for them. 

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Release Date The Absite Review 7th Edition

Book Name:     The ABSITE Review Seventh Edition
Publisher:LWW; Seventh edition 
Publishing Date(June 5, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :‎‎978-1975190293

About Author: The Absite Review Pdf

 Steven M. Fiser MD

Conclusion: The Absite Review

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