The Book Leeza Mangaldas

The Sex Book Leeza Mangaldas
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The Queer-inclusive, and Focused on Pleasure, This Invaluable Manual Helps You Better Understand Your Body and Shows You How Can Be Incredibly Fun and Magical. Воok A Joyful Journey of Self-discovery The Book Leeza Mangaldas

The Book Leeza Mangaldas Kindle Summary

Is my genitalia healthy? Do dimensions matter? Does masturbation harm my health? How crucial is intimacy in a relationship?

The Sex Book Leeza Mangaldas

In The Book, award-winning educator Leeza Mangaldas answers even your most puzzling questions about the body in a way that is scientifically accurate and judgment-free.

She fills numerous knowledge gaps with her shrewd insights, gained through years of research on the physical, social, and emotional aspects of, covering everything from anatomy to hygiene, consent to contraception, and masturbation to orgasms.

Greater gender equality, better reproductive health, and a safer, more loving society all depend on education.

This ground-breaking manual will help you better understand yourself, your body, and your relationships while emphasizing pleasure. It also demonstrates how can be a tonne of fun and amazing.

About the Author: The Book: A Joyful Journey of Self-Discovery

India’s top producer of amusing content is Leeza. In 2017, she started her accounts on Instagram and YouTube with the goal of normalizing discussions on gender, the body, , and health. She now presents “The Podcast,” a Hindi-only Spotify exclusive.

Leeza has contributed to international magazines like, Elle, and Harper’s Bazaar in addition to hosting a number of lifestyles, sports, and current affairs programs on Indian television channels like ET NOW and Star Sports.

The  Book Release Date

Publication NameHarperCollins India
Written ByLeeza
Release Date(17 October 2022)
ISBN No ‏ :978-9356292239
Page304 pages


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