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The Grieving Brain Book:?The Surprising Science of How We Learn from Love and Loss is a book on learning from love and loss. A prominent grieving expert and neuroscientist reveals startling findings of what happens in our brains when we grieve, offering a new perspective on love, loss, and learning.

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Summary The Grieving Brain Book

When a loved one passes away, we have battled for as long as humans have existed. Poets and playwrights have written about the enveloping darkness of grief, the deep yearning, and the crushing pain of heartbreak. However, there has been little scientific perspective on this shared experience until recently.

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Mary-Frances O’Connor, PhD, a neuroscientist and psychologist, opens up a fascinating new window into one of life’s most defining experiences in The Grieving Brain. O’Connor has spent decades studying the impact of sorrow on the brain.

In this book, she uses her infectious passion for making cutting-edge neuroscience accessible to the general public, guiding us through how we encode love and grief. Our neurons assist us in forming ties to others while we are in love, but when we are grieving, our brain must come to terms with where our loved ones have gone or how to picture a future without them.

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The Grieving Brain combines storytelling, accessible science, and practical knowledge to help us better understand what happens when we grieve and how to navigate loss with more ease and grace. It is based on O’Connor’s own trailblazing neuroimaging work, research in the field, and real-life stories.

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Book Name:The Grieving Brain Reviews
Publishing Date(February 1, 2022)
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About Author: The Grieving Brain Reviews

Mary-Frances O’Connor, PhD, runs the Loss, Loss, and Social Stress (GLASS) Lab at the University of Arizona, where she studies the impact of grief on the brain and body. O’Connor graduated from the University of Arizona with a doctorate in clinical psychology in 2004 and went on to UCLA’s Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior for a postdoctoral fellowship in psychoneuroimmunology.

She returned to the University of Arizona in 2012 after a faculty appointment at UCLA’s Cousins Center for Psychoneuroimmunology. She grew up in Montana and now resides in Tucson, Arizona.

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Conclusion: The Grieving Brain Audiobook

O’Connor, a pioneer in the neurobiology of grieving, explains how we try to make sense of the insoluble puzzle of loss in simple prose. This book is for everyone who has experienced a loss or wants to learn more about grief.

We will all be affected by death, and to comprehend grief is to understand an essential human experience. This is the best book I’ve ever read on grieving since it is so solid and comprehensive.

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