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The Plot Against the King Book By Kash Patel Download. A vital figure in exposing one of our country’s most egregious injustices reveals the complete story—for youngsters! Kash Patel teams up with BRAVE Books’ Beacon of Freedom Publishing House to deliver a fantasy rendition of Hillary’s heinous conspiracy against Trump to the whole family.

This is a narrative of bravery and danger, with phony heralds and keeper Comey’s eavesdropping snails. But don’t be concerned!

This is a fantasy version of a horrible true story. Hillary Queenton and her shady knight said that King Donald had scammed his way to the throne and that he was conspiring with the Russians! But how is that possible? Join Kash, the Distinguished Discoverer, as he uncovers the King’s assassination plan and discovers who was behind all the falsehoods.

In my opinion, the Plot Against the President is necessary reading for anyone interested in learning the true story behind the Steele Dossier and the Russian connection narrative. This book is one of the ways I’m doing my part to spread the word about the truth. This is a story that will never be forgotten.

I also had the honor of being a part of a documentary called The Plot Against the President, in which Devin, Donald Trump Jr., and a few others discussed our tale in further depth. BEACON OF FREEDOM PUBLISHING HOUSE, an imprint of BRAVE BOOKS, brings you this book.

Kash Patel Book Release Date

Book Name:     The Plot Against the King
Publisher:Beacon of Freedom Publishing House 
Publishing Date(April 1, 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :1955550123
Page40 pages

Author: Kash Patel Book

Conclusion: The Plot Against the King Book By Kash Patel

A very insightful look into one of the most scandalous treasonous episodes in American politics! It should be in every junior school across America!

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