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This book Under the Oak Tree was very good when I read couldn’t take my eyes off it! I’m extremely picky when it comes to fantasy, but this one meets all my requirements! I became so engrossed in the narrative that I would read well into the early morning hours and enjoy it. When my morning alarm rings, I would immediately grab my phone, open the Kindle app, and continue under the oak tree — read online

Just so I could finish so I could buy the next book, I even sent my kids to school late this morning. I really hope to have physical copies of this one as well! The story is absolutely perfect so far!

Below is the list of: Under the Oak Tree Novel

1. Under the Oak Tree: Season 1 (5) Kindle Edition


Under the Oak Tree: Season 1 (5) Kindle Edition
Under the Oak Tree: Season 1 (5) Kindle Edition


Maximilian (Maxi), the eldest daughter of the Croyso family, grows up being abused by her father. As a consequence of the physical and mental trauma, she develops a crippling inferiority complex about both her stutter and her physical appearance as well as a general lack of self-respect.

2. Under the Oak Tree: Season 1 (4) – Read Free


Under the Oak Tree -- Read Free
Under the Oak Tree — Read Free


When Maxi’s father, Duke Croyso, receives a royal order from the King to fight the Red Dragon Sektor, he decides to marry his daughter off to Riftan Calypso, a peasant knight. Duke Croyso’s plan is to push off his martial responsibilities to his son-in-law. Maxi thus finds herself forced into a marriage with a man she barely knows. The newlyweds spend their first night together, but they become separated immediately as Riftan leaves for war early the next morning.

3. Under the Oak Tree: Season 1 (3) – Noval


Under the Oak Tree Novel
Under the Oak Tree Novel


Fast forward three years later, and the couple reunites when Riftan comes back to the city to celebrate his victory in war. Although the two spent only one night together and Riftan is a stranger to Maxi, she is afraid that he might want to divorce her, for the divorce would mean a death sentence for the young woman.

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