US Federal Reserve Holidays 2023

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US Federal Reserve Holidays 2023. In the United States, 11 federal holidays are observed each year. Federal holidays that fall on Saturday are observed on the Friday preceding the holiday, and federal holidays that fall on Sunday are observed on the Monday after the holiday.

US Federal Reserve Holidays 2023
US Federal Reserve Holidays 2023

The United States Congress has designated the federal holidays listed above in Title V of the United States Code (5 U.S.C. 6103). Because Congress has the right to declare holidays for government (federal) institutions, many other state and private organizations, such as corporations, banks, schools, and post offices, have followed suit and made federal holidays paid days off for their employees.

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Many state and local governments will provide their employees additional vacation days based on their unique culture and history. The first official federal holidays were established on June 28th, 1870, when Congress decided to align state holidays with federal holidays for federal employees working in the District of Columbia.

US Federal Reserve Holidays 2023. Subject In 1885, all government employees in the country were given the first four federal holidays (New Year’s Day, Independence Day, Thanksgiving Day, and Christmas Day).

US Federal Reserve Holidays 2023 Details

DateFederal HolidayLocation
Sunday, January 1New Year’s Day 2023US
Monday, January 2New Year’s Day 2023 (observed)US
Monday, January 16Martin Luther King Day 2023US
Monday, February 20Presidents Day 2023 US
Monday, May 29Memorial Day 2023US
Monday, June 19Juneteenth 2023US
Tuesday, July 4Independence Day 2023US
Monday, September 4Labor Day 2023US
Monday, October 9Columbus Day 2023US
Friday, November 10Veterans Day 2023 (observed)US
Saturday, November 11Veterans Day 2023US
Thursday, November 23Thanksgiving 2023US
Monday, December 25Christmas Day 2023US


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