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Web Classplus
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lost of students searching on the internet online What is Web Classplus, This is a coaching institute management software specifically designed to facilitate the smooth operation of coaching institutes in an online environment.

Web Classplus
Web Classplus

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The Classplus mobile app offers a wide range of utilities that empower coaching institutes to expand their reach in the digital realm. With its robust digital infrastructure, Classplus ensures the seamless conduction of online classes.

Educators and online institutes can leverage Classplus to create personalized course curricula and incorporate videos on various subjects.

This learning management mobile application enables users to establish an online store for educational content, allowing them to monetize videos, notes, test papers, and more.

Additionally, users have the option to customize the Classplus coaching institute management app with their own name and logo for branding purposes.

Classplus provides a comprehensive online testing system that ensures accuracy and transparency. Through the Classplus online test portal, teachers can provide students with ample materials for mock practice.

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The Classplus app and web version facilitate the uploading of question papers, enabling educators to conduct regular tests and quizzes seamlessly.

How Web Classplus Will Help Grow Your Coaching Institute or Tutoring Career? 

The web and app versions of Classplus offer a wide array of features that empower online institutes to create a comprehensive platform for themselves and their students.

With its mobile application learning management, you can access a video portal that allows you to upload and categorize course materials as per your requirement, making it easy for students to navigate easy way and access the content they need.

Moreover, Classplus takes care of the data hosting, relieving teachers and institutes of any hosting-related concerns.

One of the standout features of Classplus web and app versions is the online testing module.

Teachers can effortlessly upload test papers, including the answers, directly into Classplus, making them readily available to their students.

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The best part of the software is that once any course students complete a test, after that the system automatically generates final reports with detailed analytics on their performance, which are then shared with both the teacher and the student.

This enables a comprehensive assessment and evaluation process, enhancing the overall learning experience.

Classplus Web Features

Important Features of Classplus coaching management app/software:

Video portalA platform to upload and categorize course videos🎥
Online test portalModule for uploading and administering tests📝
Online attendanceSystem to track and manage student attendance📋
Student performance reportDetailed analytics on student performance📊
Fee recordsRecords and management of student fee information💰

Benefits of Classplus Online App for Educators / Students

Live lecturesSmart Attendance
Increased earningsEducators can create and sell study materials across India, generating an additional source of income.
Automatic test resultsOnline tests provide automatic checking and solutions, saving time and effort for educators.
Smart attendanceClassplus offers a live attendance option, allowing educators to track and generate monthly attendance reports to share with parents.
Communication anytimeTeachers can easily contact students and parents 24/7, with a live chat option available. Chats can be disabled during busy periods.
Student reportsReceive personalized and detailed performance reports for each student, enabling targeted assessment and feedback.
Fee managementGet receipts of fee payments and automatic reminders for due fees, simplifying the management of financial transactions.
Security and privacyClassplus ensures data security for content creation through SSL AES 256-bit encryption, allowing educators to control access to information.

What is Classplus Price? Classplus Pricing & Plans

The annual pricing for Classplus is ₹ 13,500. For further inquiries, please request a call.

Classplus Features | Classplus Specifications

  • Live Classes
  • Attendance Management
  • Inquiry Management
  • Fee Records
  • Quickly, Easily Create Online Courses
  • Secured Video Selling
  • Online Test
  • Class Management
  • Unlimited Cloud Space and Data Security
  • Live Chat
  • Privacy Control
  • Payment Options

The supported platforms for the given context include iOS, Android, and web-based systems. Application devices are compatible with famous electronic items like mobile phones (iOS and Android) to tablets (iPad) and web-based platforms accessible via computers.

The deployment method can be through mobile apps or web-based interfaces. These platforms are suitable for educational purposes and specifically cater to schools, colleges, and coaching institutes. The primary language used is English.

In conclusion, the supported platforms for this scenario encompass iOS, Android, and web-based systems, targeting mobile devices, tablets, and web interfaces.

They are specifically designed for educational institutions such as schools, colleges, and coaching centers. The main language utilized within these platforms is English.

Classplus Reviews Pro and Cons


  • The team is helpful with problem-solving.
  • Easy content creation and storage.
  • Attendance, assignments, and review management.
  • Chat functionality.
  • Streamlined administrative work.


  • Occasional delays in problem resolution.
  • Lack of awareness about certain features (resolved with a demo).
  • Absence of a video notes feature.
Classplus Reviews

Web Classplus app Desktop App for Mac and PC

You can download the application

Website Classplus Application

FAQ- Classplus Web Application

Q: Is my data safe with Classplus?

A: Classplus prioritizes data security and privacy.

Q: Can I access Classplus on PC?

A: Yes, Classplus can be accessed on a PC through a web browser.

Q: How to create a fee structure in the Classplus app?

A: You can create a fee structure in the Classplus app through its administrative settings.

Q: What is the Classplus app?

A: Classplus is a comprehensive learning management system for educational institutions.

Q: How to use the Classplus app on your PC?

A: Access the Classplus app on your PC through the web interface on a browser.

Q: How to get a test link in Classplus?

A: Create a test within Classplus and generate a unique test link to share.

Q: How to log in to the Classplus test portal?

A: Use the login credentials provided by your institution or test organizer.

Q: How to get a Classplus student login?

A: Your institution will provide you with the student login credentials.

Q: How much does Classplus cost?

A: Classplus offers different pricing plans based on institution size and requirements.

Q: Is the Classplus app free?

A: Classplus has both free and paid plans with varying features.

Q: What is the cost of Classplus?

A: The cost of Classplus depends on institution size and specific needs.

Q: How do I join the Classplus app?

A: Join Classplus through an educational institution or contact Classplus for guidance.

Q: How does Classplus make money?

A: Classplus generates revenue through pricing plans and transaction fees.

Q: Why do you join Classplus?

A: Classplus offers features for managing classes, students, assessments, and payments. The decision to join depends on specific needs.