Dr Stephen Strange Casts a Forbidden Spell That Opens a Portal to the Multiverse.  Image : Digital Spy

Elizabeth Chase Olsen Is an Famous American Actress. Born in Sherman Oaks, California

Xochitl Gomez Is an American Actress.she Is Famous 1 of the Netflix Streaming Series the Baby-sitters Club Image : CBR

Sir Patrick Stewart Obe Is an English Actor Who Has a Career Spanning Six Decades in Various Stage Productions Image : IMDb

Bruce Lorne Campbell Is an American Actor, Director, Producer and Writer. Image : IMDb

Rachel Anne Mcadams Is a Canadian Actress. After Graduating From a Theatre Degree Program at York University Image : IMDb

Tony Mccarthy Is an Actor, Known for the Batman (2022), Andor (2022) and Fantastic Beasts Image : IMDb

Haruka Ohshima Is Known for No Time to Die (2021), Stunts | Actress Image : IMDb

Benedict Wong British Actor He Is Known for His Roles as Kublai Khan in Netflix's Marco Polo, Bruce Ng in the Martian,

Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness  Release Date 6 May 2022 Image :The Direct