Kingdom Hearts' 20th Anniversary Trailer Reveals 'kingdom Hearts Iv' and 'kingdom Hearts

What Better Opportunity to Make Some Exciting Announcements and Releases Than Your Anniversary? Kingdom Hearts Iv Is Now in Development

and Square Enix Has Also Unveiled Kingdom Hearts Missing-link, a Brand-new Mobile Game.

The News Was Revealed as Part of a Teaser That Offers a Glimpse Into the Series' Future at the Kingdom Hearts 20th Anniversary Event in Tokyo,

Japan. Kingdom Hearts Missing-link, a New Future Mobile Game Planned to Have a Closed Beta Sometime in 2022

Was Announced in the Nearly Eight-minute Clip. Players Will Embark on Adventures From the Realm of Scala Ad Caelum Into the Actual World in This New Narrative

The Kingdom Hearts Team Also Revealed That the Highly Awaited Final Chapter of Kingdom Hearts Dark Road

Would Be Released as a Free Update to the Kingdom Hearts Union Dark Road App in August 2022.

Kingdom Hearts Iv Is Currently in Development With Kingdom Hearts Missing-link Arriving on Mobile Devices in the Future With a Beta Set to Be Available in August 2022

Kingdom Hearts 4 announced, will kick off Sora’s new story arc