Web3 Guide Beginners & Seniors Learn Web 3.0 Potential With Token Economy,Defi, Decentralized Web, Ethereum Smart Contract, Metaverse Projects, Metaverse

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Web3 Guide Beginners & Seniors Learn Web 3.0 Potential With Token Economy, Defi, Decentralized Web, Ethereum Smart Contract, Metaverse Projects, Metaverse, Trust me, this is not the industrial revolution; rather, it is the evolution of the internet. The internet is the greatest invention of the 20th century, and since its inception, from WEB

1 onward, it has undergone remarkable growth (the read-only web; an internet that consisted only of web pages, which were linked together through hyperlinks.) to WEB

2 (which is based on a server-client architecture, meaning that data is owned and managed by centralized commercial companies), and now WEB

3. ( a decentralized web that intends to undermine the market dominance of these centralized businesses by replacing the centralized server-client architecture with distributed ledgers, which is blockchain technology)

Web3 Guide  you’ll find in this book:

  • Future Of Web 3
  • Differences Between Web 1, Web 2, And Web 3
  • Key Features Of Web 3
  • What Is Web 3
  • How Web 3 Works
  • How To Become A Web 3 Developer
  • Web 3 Architecture
  • How Does Frontend Code Communicate With Smart Contract On Ethereum
  • Storage On Blockchain
  • Web 3 Applications
  • Advantages Of Distributed Social Networks
  • Exchange Services
  • Advantages Of Decentralized Cryptocurrency Trading Platforms
  • Positive Aspects Of Decentralized Messenger
  • Basics Of Decentralized Storage
  • Advantages Of Distributed Storage Solutions
  • Finance And Insurance In Web 3
  • Advantages Of Blockchain For Banking And Insurance
  • The Advantages Of Blockchain For Streaming
  • Advantages Of A Decentralized Platform For Remote Work
  • Advantages Of A Decentralized Web Browser
  • Advantages Of Web 3
  • Disadavantages Of Web 3
  • Future Web 3 Business Models
  • Looking Back At The Wave Of Web 2 Business Models
  • Emerges Web 3 Business Models
  • Web 3 And Blockchain
  • Significance Of Blockchain In Web 3
  • How Did Blockchain Establish Road For The Web 3
  • Driving Toward Decentralization
  • The Roles Of Blockchain In Web 3
  • Web 3 And Digital Marketing
  • How Can Web 3 Disrupt
  • Digital Marketing
  • Web 3 And The Metaverse
  • Compatibility Of Web 3 And Metaverse
  • Difference Between Web3 And Metaverse
  • Web3 And Cryptocurrency
  • How Does Web3 Change The Reality Of Crypto Investment
  • Pow, Nfts And Mainstream Crypto Adoption
  • What Is The Future Like For Crypto
  • Business Benefit Of Web 3
  • Top Trend Technology For Web3
  • Artificial Intelligence (Ai) And Machine Learning
  • Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Cloud Computing
  • Quantum Calculation
  • Augmented Reality And Virtual Reality
  • The Internet Of Things (IOT)
  • Internet Security In Web 3

Author: By Don Medeiros 

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