Weightgo Patanjali Tablets / Weight Go / वेट गो टैबलेट New Launch

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Today, we’ll talk about Patanjali Ayurved’s Weightgo Patanjali / Weight Go Tablet, which facilitates weight loss by lowering body fat levels. The Patanjali Institute developed, examined, and certified the tablet.

Weightgo Patanjali / Weight Go Benefits

As the name suggests, this Patanjali tablet is intended to lessen obesity and excess fat; daily use can greatly aid you in losing weight.

Weightgo Patanjali Tablets

Weight go ingredients In Hindi

  1. अश्वगंधा
  2. लौकी
  3. लौकी
  4. आमला
  5. गोखरू
  6. बहेड़ा
  7. गिलोय
  8. हरड़
  9. द्राक्षा
  10. कोकम

Weight go ingredients In English

  1. Ashwagandha 23.44%
  2. Katutumbi,
  3. Amla 7.81%
  4. Gokhru,
  5. Bahera,
  6. Giloy,
  7. Harad,
  8. Draksha,
  9. Kokam,
  10. Anti-caking Agent {INS 460 (i), INS 553(iii)},
  11. Stabilizer (INS 414, INS 466)

Weightgo Patanjali / Weight Go Price

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You can ask for this medicine from any Patanjali store or through an online medium.

How Use: Weightgo Patanjali / Weight Go

Its 2 – 2 tablets are to be consumed after meals with lukewarm water or you can also consume it according to your diet plan. Do not take more than 4 tablets a day.

Note: Imprtant Information

  • Children should not use this medication.
  • Additionally, keep kids away from it.
  • Do not expose yourself to the sun’s beams.
  • Keep this medication in a dry, cold environment.


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