Who Would Be Your Book Boyfriend

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Who Would Be Your Book Boyfriend? Following a horrible breakup, Art moves in with PK in the hopes that this will be the turning point where Art starts to see him as more than just a buddy. PK returns to his writing origins because, in fiction, he can say all the things he can’t speak out loud. However, Art seems to laugh off the mere thought of their being in a relationship.

Who Would Be Your Book Boyfriend, PK is the ideal boyfriend.

Soon, it appears as though everyone is crushing on the fictionalized version of him, even Art, who is unaware that the hot new book everyone is raving about is actually PK’s tale. But if his clever scheme to win Art over fails, PK can lose more than just his dream book boyfriend—he might lose his best friend as well.

About the Author: Who Would Be Your Book Boyfriend

The wonderful state of California is home to Kris Ripper, who goes by the pronouns ze and zir. Kris can do two pull-ups in a row, writes backward, and lives in a converted garage with a child.

(Really? No.) Since she learned how to write, ze has been creating fiction, and she has been regaling her stuffed animals with tales for a very long time.

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Conclusion: Who Would Be Your Book Boyfriend

With the publication of The Love Study series, an endearing, nuanced examination of contemporary love that included an enviable and highly amusing social group, the incredibly productive Kris Ripper rose to prominence in the category. — BookPage, 2022 Writers to Watch.

I really enjoyed reading this new Kris Ripper book because I adore his previous works. The MC is real and compelling, and the tone is rather anxious/frantic. The plot is also compelling. In conclusion, I truly loved these components of the novel and pretty much everything else as well.

The narrative has just… ended. It finishes so abruptly that there isn’t much payoff. It was sadly unsatisfying and didn’t appear to properly honor the MC or his love interest and their investment in one another, even though I assume that one of the purposes of this kind of conclusion was to make it feel more true to the rest of the tone of the MC’s thoughts and actions throughout the book. 

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