Wisdom Bridg By Dr Kamlesh Patel

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Wisdom Bridg By Dr Kamlesh Patel, who is also known by the name of Daaji. He is a very good meditation guru and gives training of meditation in the country and abroad. This is the publisher of the book Penguin Ananda and the date of issue (30 October 2022) of a book, this book is written in English. Friends, the PDF download of a book is not available right now. You can purchase such from Amazon from the link given below.


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Wisdom Bridg By Dr. Kamlesh Patel Book Summary

Children’s hearts are captured by the intentions, thoughts, and deeds of the elderly. Elders have a responsibility to not only raise their children well but also to nurture and guide them in a way that would allow them to lead satisfying lives. Children observe, absorb, and assimilate the teachings swiftly and diligently.

In The Wisdom Bridge, Daaji lays out nine guidelines for living a life that motivates your loved ones and children. These guidelines are crucial for parents, future parents, grandparents, and carers who want to build happy and satisfying lives. They will not only assist you in raising responsible teenagers and enhancing the lives of your children but also open the door for a fulfilling life and strong family ties.

About the Author: Wisdom Bridg By Dr. Kamlesh Patel

Kamlesh D. Patel, commonly known as Daaji, is the fourth spiritual leader of the worldwide Heartfulness movement at the moment. He has spent the last forty years teaching Heartfulness meditation to individuals all around the world. The bestsellers The Heartfulness Way (co-written with Joshua Pollock) and Designing Destiny were written by Daaji.

Wisdom Bridg By Dr. Kamlesh Patel Release Details

Publication NamePenguin Ananda 
Written ByWisdom Bridg
Release Date(30 October 2022)
ISBN No ‏ :978-0143459064
Page288 pages

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