Your New Now Book By Nicki Koziarz (978-0764237003)

Your New Now Book By Nicki Koziarz
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Your New Now, written by bestselling author Nicki Koziarz, is a transformative self-help book that guides readers toward creating a more fulfilling life. Your New Now Book By Nicki Koziarz With ISBN 978-0764237003, this highly acclaimed book explores the power of living in the present moment and provides practical exercises to reduce stress and anxiety.

Your New Now Book By Nicki Koziarz
Your New Now Book By Nicki Koziarz

Koziarz also offers valuable strategies to stay motivated and focused on the journey of personal growth. Your New Now is a must-read for anyone seeking positive changes and a life filled with purpose and fulfillment

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Your New Now Book By Nicki Koziarz Details Summary

Part 1: Embracing the Present

In the first section of her book, Nicki Koziarz delves into the transformative power of living in the present moment.

Recognizing the detrimental effects of stress, anxiety, and worry, she offers readers a collection of exercises and practices designed to cultivate a present-oriented mindset.

By immersing oneself in the here and now, Koziarz asserts that individuals can experience a greater sense of peace and contentment.

Part 2: Designing Your Ideal Life

In the second part of Your New Now, Koziarz guides readers through the process of identifying their desires and aspirations and subsequently crafting a comprehensive plan to bring those dreams to fruition.

This section provides practical tools and strategies to aid readers in creating a fulfilling and purposeful existence.

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Part 3: Thriving in Your New Reality

The final portion of the book equips readers with invaluable advice and tactics for maintaining motivation and staying on track as they navigate their journey toward their desired life.

Koziarz shares a wealth of tips and insights to sustain the momentum and enthusiasm required to achieve long-term success.

Additionally, she offers a curated list of resources, ensuring that individuals have ongoing support and guidance for their continued personal growth.

Your New Now has garnered acclaim from readers who praise its pragmatic approach and its ability to facilitate positive transformations.

Esteemed publications such as The Huffington Post, The New York Times, and Oprah Magazine have also featured Koziarz’s work, attesting to its widespread recognition.

For those seeking a self-help book that provides practical guidance in cultivating a life of purpose and fulfillment, Your New Now by Nicki Koziarz stands as an excellent choice.

With its insightful and well-crafted content, this book is certain to empower readers to initiate positive changes and embark on a journey toward a life they genuinely love.

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Your New Now Book Review

Nicki Koziarz provides clear and concise guidance on how to live in the present moment, set goals, and take action.

About the Author- Your New Now Book

Nicki Koziarz is a bestselling author and Bible teacher with Proverbs 31 Ministries. She speaks nationally and hosts her own podcast, Lessons from the Farm.

Nicki, her husband, and their family run a small farm just outside of Charlotte, North Carolina, which they affectionately call The Fixer Upper Farm. Learn more at