UP: YouTuber Amit Bhadana Receives Death Threat | Case Registered In Noida

YouTuber Amit Bhadana Receives Death Threat
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Noida, Well-known YouTuber Amit Bhadana recently faced alarming death threats, sparking worries about his safety. The threats were sent via a call to his brother’s WhatsApp, along with a distressing message on his phone. Amit’s brother, Sudhir Bhadana, quickly reported the incident, resulting in a First Information Report (FIR) being lodged at Noida’s Sector-49 police station.

Sudhir Bhadana, who resides in Noida’s Sector-47, detailed the unsettling events in the filed FIR. On August 7, an unidentified person called his WhatsApp number, using abusive language and threatening Amit Bhadana’s life. The situation intensified when a threatening message from the same caller appeared on Sudhir’s phone, underscoring the seriousness of the threat.

The caller disturbingly claimed knowledge of Amit’s home and workplace addresses. Moreover, they mentioned that Amit was shooting in Mukherjee Nagar at that moment. The threat escalated as the caller ominously vowed to target Amit Bhadana once he reached the location.

Deputy Commissioner of Police Harish Chander assured the public of an active investigation. The authorities are diligently probing the case to identify the culprit and verify the authenticity of the threats. Following the investigation, appropriate legal action will be taken to ensure justice and Amit’s safety.

Amit Bhadana, a popular YouTuber, gained fame through his entertaining content on his YouTube channel established in 2012. Recognized for his humor, his videos have gained immense popularity, attracting over 20 million dedicated subscribers.

In a significant achievement, he was honored with the Dadasaheb Phalke Award for India’s Best YouTuber in 2019. Amit’s online presence has cultivated a devoted fanbase, emphasizing the importance of his safety to both fans and authorities.