Poonam Gandhi Bst Class 12 Pdf Download 2023

Poonam Gandhi Bst Class 12 Pdf Download 2022
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Poonam Gandhi’s Business Studies book for class 12th follows the current CBSE syllabus for the 2022-2023 school year. The text is written in an easy-to-understand language and is organized in an exam-oriented structure. You can below link Poonam Gandhi Bst Class 12 Pdf Download 2023

Feature of Book: Business Studies XII Book by 

  1. Each chapter’s learning objectives:
  2. Business Studies- Poonam Gandhi for CBSE class 12
  3. After each topic, objective-type questions.
  4. (MCQs, Fill in the Blanks, and True/False) with answers
  5. A flow chart follows each chapter to summarise the subjects addressed.
  6. Case studies in accordance with CBSE norms
  7. Questions and answers for Higher Order Thinking Skills (HOTS) to expand knowledge
  8. Revise all of the topics in the Quick Revision section.
  9. Do a review exercise from the NCERT textbook at the end of each chapter.
  10. Previous Year Questions after each chapter to help you prepare for your Board Exams

Nature and Significance of Management

  1. Modern Concept of Management/Meaning of Management
  2. Characteristics or Features of Management
  3. Objectives of Management
  4. Importance of Management
  5. Nature of Management
  6. Levels of Management
  7. Functions of Management
  8. Coordination

Principles of Management: Business Studies by Poonam Gandhi Class 12

  1. Meaning of Principles of Management
  2. Nature/Features/Characteristics of Management Principles
  3. Significance/Importance of Management Principles
  4. Fayol’s Principles of Management
  5. Scientific Management Developed by F.W. Taylor
  6. Comparison between Taylor and Fayol

Business Environment

  • Meaning of Business Environment
  • Features/Characteristics/Nature of Business Environment
  • Importance of Business Environment
  • Dimensions of Business Environment
  • The Features of New Economic Policy 1991

Planning: Business Studies (By- Poonam Gandhi) CBSE Class 12 Book

  • Meaning of Planning
  • Features/Nature/Characteristics of Planning
  • Importance/Significance of Planning
  • Limitations of Planning
  • Planning Process
  • Plan


  • Meaning of Organising
  • Organizing Process
  • Importance/Significance of Organising
  • Organizational Structure
  • Formal and Informal Organisation
  • Delegation of Authority
  • Centralisation and Decentralisation

Staffing: VK Publications Class 12 Business Studies Book by Poonam Gandhi

  • Meaning of Staffing
  • Importance/Need/Benefits/Advantages of Staffing
  • Staffing and Human Resource Management
  • Staffing Process
  • Components/Elements/Aspects of Staffing
  • Methods of Training

Indian Art and Culture By Nitin Singhania

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Business Studies Class 12 Poonam Gandhi Release Date

Book Name:     Business Studies (By- Poonam Gandhi) CBSE Class 12 Book (For 2023 Exam)
Publisher:‎ VK Global Publications Pvt Ltd;
Publishing Date(15 February 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :9356120366
Page664 pages

Author: Business Studies Poonam Gandhi Class 12 Pdf

Poonam Gandhi is a sociologist and an Associate Professor at FLAME University in Pune’s School of Liberal Education. Her research interests include the sociology of art and culture, gender studies, family studies, and social gerontology. Buy Business Studies Class 12 by Gandhi Poonam

Poonam Gandhi BST Class 12 Pdf

Poonam Gandhi Bst Class 12 Pdf Download 2022


Poonam Gandhi BST Class 11 PDF 

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