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General Knowledge 2023
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General Knowledge 2023. Apart from theories on significant themes, the book also includes current happenings to give readers a sense of what is happening in the world. It is a one-stop-shop for all of India’s major competitive exams. current Events, Indian History, Geography, Politics, and Economy, General Science, and General Knowledge

General Knowledge 2023 Arihant

  • General Knowledge’ is based on the most recent syllabus.
  • Divided into six primary sections to provide an overview of critical topics.
  • Provided with current happenings to keep you informed about what’s happening worldwide.

The newly revised edition of the book ‘General Knowledge has been meticulously created by the most recent syllabus and aspirants’ needs. It is divided into six sections, each providing a conceptual understanding of subjects essential for practically all competitive tests.

Contents : General Knowledge 2023

  • Ancient India The Early Man
  • Indus Valley Civilisation
  • The Aryan and the Vedic Age
  • Pre-Mauryan Age
  • Magadha Empire
  • Jainism
  • Buddhism
  • The Mauryan Empire
  • Post-Mauryan Period
  • The Age of the Guptas 
  • Gupta Administration
  • The Harsha Period
  • Sangam Age
  • Medieval India The Rajputs
  • The Delhi Sultanate
  • Vijayanagara Kingdom (AD 1336-1580)
  • Religious Movements
  • The Mughal Empire
  • The Maratha Age

Modern India Advent of the Europeans  Many More

General Knowledge 2023 Arihant Pdf Release Date

Title of BookGeneral Knowledge 2023
Publisher:Arihant Publications
Publishing Date(20 February 2022)
Language :English
ISBN :9326190722
File Size: / Pages591 pages

About the Author General Knowledge 2023 Manohar Pandey

Arihant’s editing staff of highly qualified specialists collaborates to ensure that students obtain the most up-to-date and correct content through our books. From the beginning to the end, the entire team of authors, editors, proofreaders, and others involved in the book’s design put in their best efforts, knowledge, and experience to develop the rigorous content that the students receive.

Conclusion: General Knowledge 2023

This is a fantastic book. The information is presented clearly, and the examples of the principles taught are relevant to real-life scenarios. All competitive exams are highly recommended. One of the best books available.


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