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MAHARANAS A Thousand Year War for Dharma
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MAHARANAS: A Thousand Year War for Dharma. This book will become as hallowed as the scriptures in every Hindu home. The book will debunk the myths surrounding the historic Hindu resistance to Islamic invaders of various hues for over a thousand years.

Maharanas Summary

The Sisodiyas of Mewad is the book that will tell the truth about the world’s most remarkable Dynasty, not just the most excellent Hindu Dynasty, not just the greatest Bharat dynasty.

The Avataras fought invaders nonstop for 1000 years, enduring all difficulties, refusing to surrender even when their realm was surrounded by adversaries, living as nomads but refusing to give up. Kesaria still hovers above Bharat’s sacred territory because of this Dynasty.

The book raises concerns about the whitewashing of the great Maharanas’ activities and lives, particularly the greatest of them all, Maharana Pratap Singh.

He is written by a devoted practising surgeon who approaches the study of the history of this magnificent Dynasty with the same incisiveness, exactness, and correctness that he applies to his profession.

This book will awaken the sleeping Kshatriya, reminding you that honour and pride do not define a man; they represent him.

Maharana Pratap History Release Date

Book Name:     MAHARANAS: A Thousand Year War for Dharma
Publisher:Prabhat Prakashan Pvt. Ltd.; 1st edition 
Publishing Date (17 April 2022)
Language :English
ISBN : 978-9355211644
Pages400 pages

MAHARANAS: A Thousand Year War for Dharma Author

 Dr. Omendra Ratnu

Conclusion: MAHARANAS: A Thousand Year War for Dharma

The presentation is flawless. The diagrams are clear and concise. StudyIQ is well-known for its high-quality information. This book appears to be promising. Anyone considering purchasing a geography book should do so without hesitation.

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