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SQL for Data Analysis Book Download PDF. SQL has become an even more important tool for knowledgeable analysts or data scientists as data processing capacity and cloud data warehouses have increased. This hands-on guide shows fresh and previously unknown techniques to improve your SQL skills, solve challenges, and make the most of SQL as part of your workflow.

You’ll learn how to mix SQL approaches to achieve your goals faster and with clear code, as well as how to use both conventional and exotic SQL functions such as joins, window functions, subqueries, and regular expressions in new, imaginative ways. This is a must-have reference for everyone who works with SQL databases.

  • Learn how to prepare your data for analysis by following these simple steps.
  • Use SQL’s date and time manipulations to do a time series analysis.
  • Investigate how groups change over time using cohort analysis.
  • For text analysis, use SQL’s sophisticated functions and operators.
  • Outliers in your data should be identified and replaced with alternate values.
  • Experiment analysis, also known as A/B testing, is a technique for determining causality.

About The Author: Sql for Data Analysis

Cathy Tanimura is driven by a desire to link people and organizations with the information they need to make a difference. She has over 20 years of experience evaluating data in a variety of businesses, including finance, B2B software, and consumer services.

She’s worked using SQL to analyze data in a variety of commercial and open-source databases. She’s established and managed data teams and infrastructure at a number of major internet firms. Cathy is a regular speaker at industry events on themes such as data culture, data-driven product development, and inclusive data analysis.

SQL for Data Analysis Book Download

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