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A Just Gorgeous Cookbook: The Pasta Queen Recipes, 100+ Recipes and Stories by The Pasta Queen Nadia Caterina Munno, a.k.a. The Pasta Queen, a.k.a. TikTok superstar and beloved home cook, has released a cookbook with her distinctive pasta tips and tactics that are 100 percent genuine to Italian traditions?and just as beautiful as you are.

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Summary The Pasta Queen

Nadia Caterina Munno?a.k.a. The Pasta Queen?is opening the recipe box from her online trattoria to share the dishes that have made her pasta royalty in the first-ever cookbook from TikTok star and social media superstar Nadia Caterina Munno.

Nadia will walk you through the process of making the perfect pasta, from a bowl of naked noodles to a dish large and complex enough to make the gods cry, in this delectable antipasto platter of over 100 recipes, cooking techniques, and the stories behind Italy’s most famous dishes (some true, some not-so-true).

The Pasta Queen’s recipes will fascinate even the most novice of pasta chefs, whether it’s her viral Pasta Al Limone, a classic Carbonara, or a dish that’s entirely Nadia’s?like her legendary Assassin’s Spaghetti.

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The Pasta Queen Recipes is a cookbook that will warm your heart, comfort your spirit, and spice up your life. It features a colorful tour of Italy through breathtaking images and joyous tales about the country’s rich culinary legacy, as well as stories of Nadia’s own life and family. And the best part? It’s just stunning.

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The Pasta Queen Tiktok Start Release Date

Book Name:The Pasta Queen Nadia
Publisher:Gallery Books
Publishing Date(November 8, 2022)
Language :English
File Size: / Pages288

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About Author: The Pasta Queen Cookbook

The Pasta Queen, Nadia Catalina Munno, is a TikTok celebrity, YouTube star, and content creator recognized for her pasta meals, easy-to-follow recipes, and larger-than-life personality. She has appeared on Today, The Drew Barrymore Show, and Good Morning America, and has been featured in Parade and The Kitchn, in addition to her first book, The Pasta Queen. Nadia is a native Italian from Rome who now resides in Florida.

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Conclusion: The Pasta Queen Recipes Audiobook

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